Nutcracker Rd 1 Dalby Forest

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Great course based around the Bike Barn at Dalby forest, which meant great facilities which was usefull in the cold weather with many snow flurries. Pete Harris led from the gun up the steep climb, but all the fun was to be had on a monster steep downhill muddy section with a fast red route run in to the finish with many jumps and bermed corners.

Jack started in 6th and then after a couple of laps with the 4th and 5th guys, used some descending skills to pull enough gap on the final laps to have enough cushion to hang on up the final climb for 3rd and another Podium.

Thetford Winter series Final Round and Champs

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2 series podiums for Team Plumz

The final series showdown was on a cold but extremely fast dry circuit on the Mayday Meadow side.

John Smith put in a strong ride for 2nd in the 2 hr Vets to secure his second place in the series, behind runaway series winner Andy Manning/Team CCN. Paul Brown improved greatly on previous results with a fine 13th in a strong 125 rider field. Paul Morris had to call it quits after a lap due to illness.
At the same time the 2Hr seniors were tearing up the track with blistering speed and Tom Wright showed off his new sponsors colours EHF racing to good effect with 5 fast laps for a superb series best of 6th place.

(Posh)Tom Scott-Collins chased hard and had a tough battle to hang onto 9th after losing a couple of minutes in a fast crash. Graham Dickens settled for 3 laps at 101st place in another huge field.

In the 4 hr seniors Gregg Payne put in 8 laps for 12th place, another rider going down on the fast flinty section of track and having to stop to sort out some twisted handlebars.

4 Hr vets: Jack riding with a chest cold had to finish higher than 5th to improve on his points haul and maintain his series hopes, as the best 3 races counted for the series. Luckily his main rival for the last series podium didn’t finish so JP pulled out after 3 hrs whilst chasing down 5th to prevent further damage. Very jammy but 3rd in the series a welcome reward for a hard fought 4 races.

Fastest Lap per rider
Smiffy 25.54
Tom 26.44
Tom 2 27.34
Gregg 28.46
Brownie 30.46
Jack 31.09
Gray 31.15
PaulM 33.38

Little report and JP gets a podium picture XCRacer

Gorrick Spring 2013 – Rd1

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Jack entered the world of Grand Vet Racing for the first time, also racing under the new support of AJ Cycles, and found as usually happens, they don’t get any slower. A superb tight twisty course down near Bagshot Barracks proved popular on a nice sunny cold day. Grids were packed and this made overtaking difficult on the tight tracks.

Into 3rd off the line it was soon into a first lap of chaos as the leading Grand Vets fought through the backmarkers of 2 seperate races ahead. Steve Jones/AW cycles took an early big lead but was overhauled by 2012 FNSS champ Tim Stowe Jewson/MI Racing while Jack battled with a pack of 5 others whilst being held up. All very frantic an alternating hot and cold pace. At the start of lap 2 the pack had settled and swept past the fading Jones, just as Ray Crosthwaite/Pedalon powered past them to easily take the win. Jack and old adversary James D’arcy/Southdown Bikes had 3rd place to fight for but the superior climbing speed of D’arcy was to prove too fast at the end of the lap.

4th place in a very competitive field, with the definate feeling it can get better. Ready for the big showdown at Thetford next week.

2013 Thetford Winter Series Race 3 – Brandon

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results in full – Free Photos on Facebook

After a crazy period of weather, blanket snow and ice was quickly removed by overnight heavy rain. We feared the worst but the conditions turned out to pretty good considering. Yes there were deep puddles, and some small sections that resembled a farmyard slurry pit, but overall it was firm, fast and almost dry in sections.

That’s just as well as it was a tough course with some long steady climbs into the stiff wind, for flatland this race hurt.

Smiffy and Jack on the podium again, and both in strong top 3 series places going into the last round.

76th 3 laps 02:14:42 105
Graham Dickens
Numplumz –
39:09 40:04 55:29
3rd 4 laps 02:17:15 313
John Smith
30:33 34:16 35:04 37:22
49th 3 laps 02:06:13 378
Paul Morris
38:36 41:52 45:45
10th 7 laps 04:29:39 728
Gregg Payne
35:02 37:05 39:09 40:25 38:55 41:04 37:59
31st 4 laps 02:32:38 755
Tom Wright
32:59 35:30 40:14 43:55
3rd 7 laps 04:10:00 834
Jack Peterson
32:18 35:18 36:09 37:03 37:05 35:34 36:33
51st 3 laps 02:02:38 52
Tom Theobald
39:09 40:03 43:26

2013 Thetford Winter Series Race 2 – High Lodge

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A superb fast frozen course for race 2 in the series. No mud but some very tricky fast off camber sections caught many a rider out. The party season cut back the amount of plumz entries but we still managed two podiums in the races.

Smiffy made no mistakes this time and held onto 2nd in the Vet 2 hr race and is a strong second in the series so far

Riders and positions and fastest lap times. FULL RESULTS HERE

John Smith 2nd – 25.35
Paul Morris 55th – 32.56
Tom Wright 45th – 26.33 (both wheels punctured and race cut short)
Jack Peterson 3rd – 27.29
David Loveday 31st – 32.41
Graham Dickens 67th – 32.40
Greg Payne 11th – 28.20
Tom Theobald 90th – 31.57

Pictures of one Icy corner crashes

and the rest

and a video

Grafham demo night ride

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Here at Rutland Cycling we are not letting the dark nights put a stop to our cycling fun. On Wednesday the 14th Grafham Cycling are hosting a second Gore Clothing Night Ride. Come along for a chance to demo some of the new 2013 winter clothing range whilst sampling some of the local riding based around our Grafham store.

Lighting the way will be our range of USE Exposure demo lights and with some units offering in excess of 2000 lumens, you will get to see Grafham Water in a whole new light.

No MTB? Try one of our premium demo bikes with 50% discount on the night!

Call 01480 812 500 to reserve your place.

It’s no secret that winter takes its toll on bikes. Grit, salt and wet weather are all factors which mean that your bike will need that extra bit of tlc to stay in top form. Our Technical Manager Graeme will be delivering maintenance workshops at our Whitwell store geared up to keeping you on the trail or road all through winter.

Each session will last approximately 2 hours and costs £10 per person (payable on the night)

· Monday 12th November 6pm

· Monday 26th November 6pm

· Monday 10th December 6pm

· Monday 24th December 6pm

Call 01780 460 705 to reserve your place

Best Regards,

Adam Hirst

Digital Marketing Manager

Rutland Cycling Ltd

2013 Thetford Winter Series Race 1 – Brandon

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Costant heavy rain and the finest Thetford Slop added with large amounts of uphill singletrack made it a tough day all round. The poor 2 hour Vets had over 250 senior riders alone ahead of them off the start line. Good results from those that stuck it out, coming home cold and destroyed mainly.

Riders and positions and fastest lap times. FULL RESULTS HERE

John Smith 3rd – 35:42
Sean Quinn 22nd – 40.35
Paul Brown 32nd – 42.26
Paul Morris 56th – 44.36
Hollie Bettles 5th – 40.32
Richard Jones 4th – 34.34
Tom Wright 27th – 34.53
Jack Peterson 5th – 35.23
David Loveday 14th – 37.52
Lloyd Bettles 24th – 37.52
Graham Dickens 120th – 41.51

Bristol Oktoberfest

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Again lots raced and many podium steps were climbed

race RESULTS  – Vicki and Tom topped the 4 hr pairs while David Loveday was 4th in the 4Hr solo vets. BigRing joined in the Clee cycles love in on the podium for the 4 Hr pairs race. Tom T and friend were 19th in 4 hr pairs. Rich and Hollie starred for XCRacer by winning the Mixed pairs over the 8 hrs with 14 laps, with Hollie even running for half a lap witha shreded tyre.

Two plumz lads teams did the 8 hrs, Tim and James joined with flatout cycles and managed 10th on 14 laps despite a wrecked mech and smashed frame for Tom. While the Old Gits team of Sean/Jack/Pilch and Brownie came in just before them on 14 laps for third place.

With Beer as prizes and a Ocktoberfest party after the race, it was celebrations all round.

Dusk till Dawn 2012

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lots raced and many podium steps were climbed


Tom did a few laps, The Numplumz Burton Wolverines put in 15 laps for 6th. the ladies Team of four smashed them for the win, while team BigRing cruised to the Mixed team win.

2012 Kielder 100 Mile race

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The 4th Edition of the kielder 100 saw the best Plumz showing Yet. Rich Smashed it and was 6th in a super fast time while BigRing and Jack just sneaked in under 10 hours in the best conditions yet it was still a very tough challange. Pilch was batered by the 4000 metres of climbing on the route but still finished and now has a time to beat for next Year.

Sean unfortunately diped out at the 50 mile mark not feeling his best.

Full Results here –