About Numplumz

Update Work is in Progress.
Numplumz.com is a mountainbike race team, we are not a cycling club as such. We have been racing under the Numplumz team name since 1999 when we needed a fun name for our first entry into the Redbull 24 hr race. Prior to that some of us raced for Bob Mitchell Cycles. We were there at the start of the Endurance race scene, and did all the early long distance races, and we found we were quite good at getting sore Plumbs!

We are British Cycling registered, and compete in Mountainbike racing, Road racing and timetrials too.

Our Team is effectively a bunch of local people to Kettering Northants who ride fast, we don’t just join people up, we’d like evryone to know each other rather than have a bunch of people riding in the shirts in their own group. Oh yes, and once your a Plumz always a Plumz. You can get mega fit and reach for the stars with other teams, but you’ll always be one of us at Plumz towers.
Contact numplumz if you fancy joining our Gang, you don’t have to be fast, just fit (OK not even fit) we have only one rule, no commitees, but if your not local and fast or race then were not really for you.

Regular club stuff:
Every Tuesday Night 6.15pm from Barton Seagrave (Kettering) garage just by the traffic lights
First monday of the Month Pub social night. Red Lion Cranford from 8pm

Club Benefits:
Enjoy your racing and team friendship…hopefully
AJ Cycles 20% discount off bike parts and they sell car parts too
Pitsford Cycles The Plumz lads Rich and Tom will see you right
Richardsons Cycles Craig’s back in charge and ready to do deals
Rutland Cycles (Grafham) Plumz Riders have an account there 20% off and Plumster Adam is the man to see for discount bikes
All Sports Drinks Bulk Discount of Energy, Recovery drinks and sports supplements.

2 Responses to “About Numplumz”

  1. Sam Arthur Says:

    Could you please pass on my gratitude to the Plumz riders who dragged me round the Quattro on 03/04/11. it was much more fun with you. cheers.

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